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Our products are made to be two things - Luxurious and Easy. Check out these tutorials to see just how simple protective styling can be. 


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T-shirt Turban

Our classic T-shirt turban is just the right fit for the timeless, casual wardrobe. Made with Jersey knit, this wrap is lined with satin and has a convenient all in one design that makes wrapping effortless.

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Open T-shirt Turban

Essential for your long tresses, our open turbans are perfect for adorning your topknot with protective wrapped style. 

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Twisted Turban

The Twisted Turban is a sleek, fitted and lightweight silhouette - perfect for our short and straight haired beauties. Made from Tencel, the Luxe Ribbed Twisted Turban is the softest, lightest, and most eco-sustainable fabric we've sourced. As always, lined with satin to protect your hair and provide the pampering it deserves.

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Halo Turban

Upgrade your du-rag with our satin lined Halo Turban. The close fit is perfect to keep your waves, braids and freshly twisted locs tight. The simple infinity loop is lightweight and comfortable, for a stylish finish.

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Open Turban

When you're in between lineups, or just want to get your hair up and tucked away, our Open T-shirt Turbans are the perfect style to get you together. This headband style turban has an all-in-one design that makes it super simple to get that easy turban look. Best of all, it's satin lined to protect your hair from drying and breakage.

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Closed Turban

Our men's full coverage style made specially for our customers with long, full locs. Keep your crown covered and protected in this satin lined all-in-one turban style. Our innovate design makes it super simple to get that turban look. 

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Sleep Turban

Now, looking good for bed isn’t just for special occasions. Bring your sexy back and elevate your bedtime look with our lavishly-good Pleated Sleep Turban. Designed with premium silk lining to retain moisture and reduce frizz in your crown all night, you’ll wake up with luscious hair that maintains its style longer. And don’t worry about it slipping off while you sleep - our adjustable elastic strap and infinity loop ensure it stays put all night.

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Satin Puff Pull

Our new Satin Puff Pull is the answer to getting the perfect puffs, pineapples, and high buns, effortlessly. Features an adjustable elastic band that fits around the thickest hair types, plastic slider to pull comfortably into your desired look, and the eyelet hook allows you to secure it and go. As always satin lined to prevent hair breakage and pulling, because hair protection is always top of mind.

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Swim Turban

Our patent pending swim turban design is optimal for days at the pool or on the beach. The outer shell is made from fast Drying, Chlorine resistant, premium quality lycra fabric. The turban is lined with lightweight hypoallergenic waterproof silicone to keep your tresses dry. 

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