Our Story

We’re here to help you find ease, beauty and self-expression. Welcome.

Meet Our Founder

I’m Monique Little, owner and founder of YGN. There’s no getting around it. We all care about our hair. How it looks. How it feels. How it expresses our personality and style.

But life gets busy, right? And sometimes hair isn’t at the top of our to-do list.

That’s why I created YGN wraps, headbands and turbans. They’re functional when we need something quick and comfortable. And they’re beautiful because… obviously.

Functional and beautiful was my goal when I started in 2016. Back then it was just me and a sewing machine in my mom’s living room. Since then we’ve grown into a thriving business with an 8,000 square foot production facility in East Dallas. Turns out I’m not the only one who wanted an easy way to look put together!

Our goal & Mission:
We aim to make your life more vibrant & effortlessly chic, starting from the very top - your hair. Our mission guides everything we do at YGN. If it doesn’t meet that standard, it’s gone.
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What else do we value?

Innovation - In a world where beauty means more steps and complicated regimens, we aim to create beautiful and innovative products that make it easier to enjoy your life confidently every day.

Quality - We produce everything in house so we don’t sacrifice one ounce of quality and can easily respond to our customers' needs.

Heritage - We are inspired by the countless women who built the natural haircare industry from the ground up at a time when our own home recipes were all we had. We continue to carry the baton forward, addressing the haircare needs we all face but have not yet been filled.

People - From our talented local team to our beautiful community of over 70000 customers, it’s our unique stories that drive everything we do and create. We are committed to listening to you, and creating the products you need from day to day.

That’s why our designs are stylish and easy to wear - and help you express the vibrant and bold woman you are. I mean, who wants to fuss with hair or complicated accessories when your life is already full?

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So, what do you really get when you choose YGN?
So, what do you really get when you choose YGN?

You’ll get products that are designed with you in mind. From headwraps, to swim turbans, and the many more innovations to come.

Our products are here to make your look effortless in any moment of your life.

Welcome again to YGN. We’re so pleased you’re here.