How to Tie Your

T-shirt Turban

Effortless and Versatile

Wrapping your t-shirt turban is simple.

Place the satin cap on your head, tucking in all of your hair

Cross the infinite loop in the font, creating an "x" 

Loop as many times as desired until snug 

Once you're comfortable, get creative! There are so many ways to twist and turn your wrap to add extra flair. 

Satin Lined

Premium satin Lining protects your hair from breakage and retains moisture


Made and shipped from Dallas, Texas. Our unique design is made to look like a traditional headwrap, but without the fuss.

Superior Design

Every detail is designed for quality and convenience. There is literally nothing like our line of products on the market.

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A Letter from the Founder

Life can get tricky. Hair should be easy.

We all play many roles and sometimes life can get busy. Sometimes there's just no time to fuss with our hair. This is why YGN wraps were created. I designed YGN Headwraps with both the functionality and beauty in mind to make protecting and styling your hair effortless and elegant every single time.

Our Story

YGN was born in 2016 in Monique Little's New Jersey apartment. After having her first child, she needed an easier solution for protecting her hair on the go, and the first YGN wrap was created. We've come a long way since then, but the same purpose remains - to make your busy life easier with super simple solutions to care for your hair.

Community and innovation are lifeblood of YGN. From our team of talented artisans based out of Dallas, Texas, to our amazing customers (50k strong). The needs of the people we serve and employ will always come first.

Welcome to YGN. Natural Hair just got Easier.

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