Why Monique made the viral YGN Swim Turban

 Monique and David from You Go Natural (YGN) share the fascinating story behind their groundbreaking product - the YGN Swim Turban. Monique reveals how the idea for a swim turban that keeps black women's hair dry originated soon after founding YGN in 2016, driven by the insight that black women face unique challenges with getting their hair wet while swimming.

Monique details her extensive R&D process to create a truly waterproof swim cap, from experimenting with different waterproof materials to designing a custom mold for the silicone lining. She and David recount the viral first marketing campaign in Mexico that introduced the Swim Turban to the world.

They discuss how customer feedback after the initial launch led to further design improvements in Version 2. Monique also shares the story behind their kids' line of Swim Turbans which came about by repurposing caps that were initially manufactured too small.

David and Monique reflect on the cultural impact of this product in giving black women more freedom to enjoy swimming and water activities. Monique envisions partnering with swim classes and groups to further promote swimming in the black community.

For an inside look at the creativity, perseverance and mission behind this innovative product that's making waves, check out the full interview with YGN's founders!

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