The Evolution of You Go Natural's Made-in-the-USA Manufacturing

The Story Behind YGN's Made-in-the-USA Factory

Hey everyone, it's David and Monique here from You Go Natural. We recently sat down to record an episode of the Nature of the Business podcast where we pulled back the curtain on a core part of YGN's DNA - our factory in Dallas, Texas.

As you may know, YGN is proud to be a made-in-the-USA company. Manufacturing our products in-house has been instrumental in fueling our growth and ability to rapidly innovate for our customers. But the journey to opening our own factory has been anything but straightforward!

In this episode, Monique shares the full story behind our manufacturing evolution - from sewing the first prototypes herself on a $40 machine in her mom's living room, to working with contractors across Dallas, to opening our first small office with 3 sewing machines, to today operating out of an 8,000 sq ft facility.

We dive into:

- Why Monique decided to make the products herself when first starting YGN
- The challenges of maintaining quality and consistency with a distributed contractor model
- What prompted the decision to bring production fully in-house under one roof
- How vertical integration enables YGN to be nimble and responsive to customer needs
- The pros and cons of in-house manufacturing vs. outsourcing

So if you've ever been curious about what goes on behind-the-scenes at the YGN factory or are interested in the manufacturing side of running a product business, definitely check out this episode! Monique shares a ton of valuable insights and lessons learned from our experience.

You can listen to the full conversation here [embed podcast episode]. Feel free to reach out with any questions - we always love hearing from our community.

Until next time!

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