Stay Selfie Ready

In and out of the water with the swim turban of your dreams that takes you from the water to your night out. Seven chic new colors that will slay all your swim looks.
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New Favorite
Travel Accessory

This year, your bags aren’t completely packed without the travel accessory of the season. New YGN Swim has been upgraded to better protect from harsh water, so your style stays intact and the summer vibes are never ending.

How it Works

Machine Washable

Toss it in on your gentle cycle. They are made to last.

Stylish Quick

Drying shell comes in 7 colors and wraps to desired fit.

Designed for Lots of Hair

Custom designed to fit large hair types including braids.

Silicone Lined

Creates better seal to keep your styles intact.

Winner of the 2022 Women’s Health Fitness Award

What our customers are saying:

“So happy with my purchase! I wear them like they're crowns. Very bright, colorful, and meticulously made.”
Kay C.
“I absolutely love this head wrap! It's both easy and chic! I have gotten so many compliments when I wear it. It's a must buy! I'm so pleased.”
Rona K.
“Awesome product! Definitely a
go to for me.”
Tasha S.
Common Cap Questions
Will this keep my hair completely dry?

While no swim cap can claim to keep your hair 100% dry, our swim turban collection is lined with silicone and the materials are 100% impervious to water. Our swim turbans also feature a firm elastic band to hold it in place, and additional protection int he quick drying shell. In product development and testing, we've found that only the users edges were slightly wet.

How does the swim turban work?

Our swim turbans are double lined with silicone inside to create a seal around your hair while swimming.  This seal is created by ensuring the cap is covering and hair and covering your ears while in the water.  The seal keep water out to protect your hair.

Will the swim turban fit a child?

The S/M swim turban fits the average child head over age 5.

Will this swim turban fit long locs or thick hair?

Yes, both S/M and M/L turbans are designed to hold up to 24’ of hair inside.

I am not a woman of color, can I still wear this swim turban?

Turbans and head coverings are worn in every culture.  These are designed by a black woman and made for everyone.

Dive Into Swim
About YGN

It is my personal mission to make natural hair care easier and more fashionable for people all over the world. Wearing your hair this way should feel effortless — not overworked or exhausting because trust me, I get it. I am a dedicated mother, wife, sister, and friend which means I have ambitious goals as well as a schedule that keeps me running from sun up to sun down.

These wraps are a godsend on days when I have limited time to get dressed and out the door, but still want to look fabulous AND celebrate my culture.

Best of all, my hair stays moist and protected because of our buttery-soft satin lining. Having naturally textured hair should be as easy for us as it can be for people of all textures and ethnicities. This is just the beginning of a long line of products that will be added in the future to continue to make your life easier!