Damage Free

Type 4 Style


Damage Free

Type 4 Hairstyling


Are your high puffs and Pineapples Giving you Headaches?

Time to throw away those old pantyhose, shoestrings, and damaging hair ties!

Traditional methods of getting your high puff or ponytail can be damaging and major headaches from tying them too tight. 

If you are experiencing  breakage and discomfort around your edges due to your type 4 hairstyle, we've got you covered. 


Satin Covered to reduce breakage and damage

adjustable for optimal tension

Premium quality

Meet your

new Must Have Styling Accessory

Our new Satin Puff Pull is the answer to getting the perfect puffs, pineapples, and high buns, effortlessly. Features an adjustable elastic band that fits around the thickest hair types, plastic slider to pull comfortably into your desired look, and the eyelet hook allows you to secure it and go. 


A Note from the Founder

It is my personal mission to make natural hair care easier and more fashionable for women all over the world. I've been working hard on our All New Swim Collection to create an elegant solution for women everywhere to protect their hair while in the water. As women, our time is our greatest resource, and having more freedom in the water is just one more way we want to help you live life to the fullest. Enjoy!

Monique Little

Founder & CEO