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Have to Tie.

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Satin Lined

To protect hair from breakage and damage.

Machine washable.

Just toss in the wash on the gentle cycle.

Versatility and Syle

Made from 100% Ankara cotton and designed to compliment your style.

Handmade with care

Premium Quality and attention to detail. 

A Note From the Founder.

We all play many roles and sometimes life can get busy. Sometimes there's just no time to fuss with our hair. This is why YGN wraps were created. I designed YGN Headwraps with both the functionality and beauty in mind to make protecting and styling your hair effortless and elegant every single time. As a black woman with naturally textured hair, I enjoy the beauty of headwraps and how they allow us to connect with our cultural roots. I also love how they allow us to protect and cover our hair when needed. There are so many beautiful styles, and we're over 10,000 customers strong. Take a look around and enjoy!