Skip Wash Day Bundle

Skip Wash Day Bundle

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It's Summer and we're stretching out days between wash day with this amazing bundle! Your most essential hair needs so that you can do your thing.  All your summer hair essentials in one convenient bundle so you can enjoy the season without worry. Includes the only viral swim turban to look beautiful while effectively keeping water out, so your style stays slayed, plus a silky bonnet and sleep mask for a restful sleep after each long summer day.

While no swim cap can claim to keep your hair 100% dry when submerged in water, Our Swim Turbans are the most effective product on the market at keeping water out and protecting your hair from the harsh effects of water. When used properly, you can expect that you will experience very little moisture inside of your cap. 


  • Onyx V2 Swim Turban
  • Cream Monogram Bonnet
  • Champagne Sleep Mask

Stretches to fit 24" head circumference.

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