Ditch the durag.

Elevate your look and keep your hair fresh with the men's turban.

As Seen In

“A regal satin-lined headband so you can protect your delicate edges while serving a look. They come in so many vibrant patterns and colors — perfect for summer.”

“This beautiful turban-style headwrap from You Go Natural is made with a buttery smooth jersey and lined with satin making it ideal for protective styling. It's a cute gift that's easy to use too because of the pre-tied knot.”

“I have natural hair, and this swim turban is the only head covering that has ever worked to keep my hair dry in water”

Fashion & Function

Style and Comfort

Everything we make is designed to elevate your look. The men's wraps come in multiple sizes to fit if you have short or long hair.

Satin Lining

Keeps your hair growing by protecting it from friction and breakage.

Premium Quality

Made with premium quality fabric to withstand daily wear. Every single wrap is handmade by specially trained artisan right here in the U.S.

How It Works

  • Make sure all the excess fabric is pushed toward the bottom BEFORE you start wrapping. This way any excess fabric will be tucked away under the layers.
  • Layer, don’t stack. Make sure you lay the legs flat, and don’t bunch them on top of each other.
  • Tuck any unwanted excess fabric under the layers so it looks good from the front AND the back.

What our customers are saying:

“So happy with my purchase! I wear them like they're crowns. Very bright, colorful, and meticulously made.”
Kay C.
“I absolutely love this head wrap! It's both easy and chic! I have gotten so many compliments when I wear it. It's a must buy! I'm so pleased.”
Rona K.
“Awesome product! Definitely a go to for me.”
Tasha S.
Upgrade your du-rag with our satin lined Halo Turban. The close fit is perfect to keep your waves, braids and freshly twisted locs tight. The simple infinity loop is lightweight and comfortable, for a stylish finish.

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Men's Black T-Shirt Turban
Men's Black T-Shirt Turban
Men's Black T-Shirt Turban
Our men's full coverage style made specially for our customers with long, full locs. Keep your crown covered and protected in this satin lined all-in-one turban style. Our innovate design makes it super simple to get that turban look.

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Men's Black Open T-Shirt Turban
When you're in between lineups, or just want to get your hair up and tucked away, our Open T-shirt Turbans are the perfect style to get you together. This headband style turban has an all-in-one design that makes it super simple to get that easy turban look. Best of all, it's satin lined to protect your hair from drying and breakage.

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