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6 products

No more sitting on the sidelines when it comes to enjoying the water!

Here at YGN, we know how much time and energy it takes to stay selfie ready. And we believe nothing should get in the way of living your best life, especially not your hair. 

That’s why we’re introducing the award winning YGN swim turban. Lined with a silicone cap and reinforced with a patent pending double lip design, our swim turban is the most effective swim cap on the market specifically designed to protect your hair from salt and pool water, and keep your hairstyle in tact. 

With a water resistant silicone lining that holds up to 24” of hair, the fast drying lycra shell will give you a sleek look that you won’t get from your every day swim cap. And it’s available  in 7 beautiful colors that will take you from brunch to the beach seamlessly.

Never let the fear of messing up your tresses keep you poolside again. Dive in and enjoy!